YakohamaWelcome to Bd IPS

Welcome to BD IPS

We are Manufacturer, Distributor & Importers of ips Items based in Bangladesh. We are Pioneer of Manufacturing of ips inverter divice for our Local Market which is very much popular & good in quality & well accepted to the Customers. We are also Distribute & Import various Types of Instant Power Supply (IPS) - Bangladesh products for our Customers in Bangladesh.We sales RahimAfrooz ips sales all over Bangladesh,Anik Ips set with battary.we also set up instelation,rahimafrooz ips Dealer in Gulshan Area,online ups bangladesh,we sales long backup ups also,all kind of inverter sales, Instant Power Supply (IPS) inverter 1 year warrenty. All type of ips packages here ,JUMBO ips bangladesh,rahimafrooz jumbo ips,jumbo ips service bangladesh,ips solution bangladesh,ips 200w,ips 300w,ips 400w,ips 500w,ips 600w,ips 700w,ips 800w,ips 1000w,ips 1200w,ips 1500w,ips 2000w,ips 2500w,ips 3000w,ips 3500w,ips 4000w,ips 4500w,ips 5000w Bangladesh.

YAKOHAMA Recommended Dealer price List BTT/DPL/07/2014 Effective from

SI NO Size LI & SS Pattern Unit Rate in Taka
116 175/70R13 82H AA01 TL C 6,750.00
117 185/70R13 86H AA01 TL C 7,150.00
118 175/70R14 84H AA01 TL C 7,250.00
119 185/70R14 88H AA01 TL C 7,450.00
120 195/70R14 91H AA01 TL C 7,950.00
121 195/70R15 97H AA01 TL C 9,350.00
122 175/65R14 82H AA01 TL C 7,100.00
123 185/65R14 86H AA01 TL C 7,700.00
124 185/65R15 88H AA01 TL C 8,450.00
125 195/65R15 91H AA01 TL C 8,600.00
126 205/65R15 94H AA01 TL C 10,000.00
127 185/60R14 82H AA01 TL C 7,600.00
128 195/60R14 86H AA01 TL C 8,050.00